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pet friendly flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pets are part of our family, so for many of us, considering the needs of Fido or Fluffy is an essential component of our upcoming home improvement project. Indeed, finding flooring fit for the entire family is a non-negotiable for many of us, and at Glines Carpet One Floor & Home, we can completely relate! That’s why we’re committed to offering all the latest pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and eco-friendly flooring product.


From waterproof luxury vinyl that traps moisture at the surface where it can readily be wiped away, to carpeting that’s completely without compromise, we promise there are many, many beautiful options to consider. In fact, we have plenty of hard-surface AND soft-surface flooring options, all perfectly pet-friendly and suitable for a wide range of budgets, styles, and spaces.




Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Do you love the look of hardwood, but have recently adopted a new puppy? Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring makes it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite hard-surface looks, without worrying about what the day might bring. Offered up plank and tile format, waterproof luxury vinyl won’t stain or warp and can even withstand the pitter patter of pet paws (and claws). One of our favorite families of waterproof luxury vinyl is Invincible H20.




Pet friendly Carpeting

Generally, carpeting used to be a big “no-no” for those cats, kids, or puppies in the home. But thanks to modern innovation, those days are definitely a distant memory. Right now there are more stylish, comfortable, and completely stain and waterproof carpets than there have ever been before.  Appealing to the parent or pet lover who doesn’t wish to skimp on style, these carpets are worry-free….and wonderful to walk on.  Among our favorite pet-friendly carpet options are those made by Innovia Xtreme Clean, LEES and Tigressa H20.


Want to learn more about our amazing pet-friendly floor options? Visit our showroom, located at 671B Colusa Avenue in Yuba City, CA today and let our experienced flooring team help you find a floor that’s truly “fetching.” 

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