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Vinyl Flooring in Yuba City, CA

A winning addition to any interior, vinyl flooring allows you to enjoy your favorite nature-inspired looks minus the hassles. With styles suitable for residential or commercial spaces, it’s no wonder vinyl remains one of the most beloved flooring families around. It’s especially popular for kitchen & bath use.


At Glines Carpet One Floor & Home in Yuba City, CA, we can help you find flooring that’s both sturdy and stylish. With options to please every preference, vinyl flooring is eclectic, smart, and stunning. Here’s a quick overview of vinyl flooring.




Is Vinyl Plank Better Than Hardwood Floors?

Prized for its durability, comfort, and lasting beauty, vinyl plank flooring continues to rise in popularity. As economical as it is enduring, this flooring is a wonderful choice for almost any setting: both residential and commercial.


While various flooring options mimic the natural looks of hardwood and stone, vinyl plank replicates both an organic appearance and texture. Manufactured with a state-of-the-art photographic top layer, the floor’s surface is also textured to capture the feeling of wood grains, smooth granite, and other natural substances. The result is a floor that looks virtually identical to its natural counterparts- without the price tag and tedious upkeep.


We know accidents can happen. That’s why our vinyl plank flooring is fully water-resistant: meaning, any spills can simply be wiped away from the surface, without ever reaching the waterproof subfloor. Engineered to click together, vinyl planks are easy to install, often without adhesives. The result is a beautiful floor that’s also simple to maintain. Routine damp mopping will let its true colors shine on.




Does Vinyl Tile Perform Like Traditional Tile?

If you long for the look of ceramic and porcelain tile, or rich wood parquet, but your lifestyle or location strongly suggest opting for resilient synthetic flooring, we have the perfect solution to your struggle. Vinyl tile flooring has so, so much to offer. With options that look identical to hardwood, stone, or actual tile, vinyl tile also boasts the affordability, endurance, and convenience of a synthetic.


Vinyl tile is not only affordable, but it’s also fully customizable, extremely sturdy, and highly attractive. While all offer a degree of moisture resistance, notable exceptions are completely waterproof. Vinyl tile means embracing a world of possibilities. Made to augment all types of interior spaces, this tile offers a unique twist on more traditional tile compositions. Affordable, sturdy, and easy to keep up with, vinyl tile can be used in both residential and commercial settings.


While there are certain varieties that look just like fine tile, no grout is required for installing vinyl tile, and in most cases, it can go directly over your subfloor. A perfect floor or wall accent, vinyl tile is a pleasure to take care of. It only requires occasional sweeping or mopping to stay in top form.




What’s the Difference Between Waterproof Vinyl Floors and Water-Resistant Vinyl?

All vinyl flooring can manage minor moisture. For spaces prone to major splashes, please consider waterproof vinyl flooring. From first glance, it is difficult to tell that not all vinyl floors are waterproof. Select vinyl options come in water resistant options, but not all are made to be entirely waterproof. We can help you when it comes down to buying a waterproof floor, whether you have pets in your home or just need a floor that is easy to care for.


A water-resistant vinyl floor means the floors can repel moisture from the surface, but eventually the core will soak up any moisture and trap it. Water resistant floors are a good option for spaces in your home that you clean often so they are not forgotten.


Waterproof flooring forms a watertight barrier between moisture and your subfloor. A waterproof floor resists moistures from the surface all the way through to the core. Manufacturers use materials such as limestone dust and PVC composites in the flooring that do not absorb moisture to make luxury vinyl’s core.


This waterproof core means your floors will not expand or warp due to moisture, and your subfloors are protected from potential damage. You should always keep in mind that just because the flooring itself is waterproof, that does not mean your subfloor is.


You can install waterproof flooring in any room of your home. That means you can install luxury vinyl in rooms like your basement, mudroom, kitchen and even bathroom. Waterproof vinyl is made to look and feel just like real hardwood or stone, so you do not have to sacrifice function for style.




Planning Your Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring is made to adorn any space under your roof. There are hundreds of styles and options. We recommend a waterproof product for kitchens and bathrooms- or any spaces frequented by pets and kids.

Quick to install, vinyl floors can be installed with or without adhesive, depending on the variety you choose. There are sheet vinyl options that can be applied directly to the subfloor, including flexible tiles and planks. Since they’re permanently bonded to your subfloor, this flooring is intended to stay beautiful amidst daily foot traffic.


Often, today’s vinyl can be installed without using glue, since certain planks and tiles are designed to easily click together, resulting in a “floating” floor that’s free of unsightly gaps. Built to resist moisture, scuffs, and scratches, vinyl is suitable for any space, with options available in a plethora of colors and styles. Ask us about our professional vinyl flooring installation services.




Browse the Region’s Best Vinyl Flooring

As proud affiliates of North America’s largest independent flooring cooperatives, Glines Carpet One Floor & Home offers the best vinyl flooring brands. To learn more about vinyl flooring or browse our displays, please see us soon at 671 B Colusa Avenue in Yuba City, CA.






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