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Wood look tile

Tile is no exception to the wood look flooring trend that is taking homes by storm. You can have the durability of tile with the authentic and detailed look of hardwood. The most popular wood look tile types are ceramic, but homeowners are discovering the durability of porcelain tiles as well. Both types of tiles offer their own unique benefits. Glines Carpet One Floor & Home is your local source for all things tile. Our selection is sure to have exactly what you need and are looking for.

To create the wood look image, tile manufacturer’s use high-definition printing technology. Higher-end porcelain tiles feature a more natural looking variation, so your floors look more realistic. These tiles can mimic the exact details of a wood plank all the way down to grain and knot details. Wood look tiles are available in planks as well as traditional tile sizes, some options feature mixed sixes to give off a more natural look. 

wood look tile

Benefits of wood look tile

A benefit of wood look tile is you can install it throughout your home, in any room. Porcelain is becoming a more popular option used for wood look tile because they are versatile and can be installed in rooms like your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners are falling in love with wood look tile because it can withstand every day wear and tear without showing its age. 
You can clean wood look tiles that same way you clean any type of tile, and wood look tile resistant to moisture and heat. Occasionally mop or sweep your tile floor to avoid dust or dirt build up. Wood look tile allows you the luxury of high-end flooring with the easy maintenance of tile. 

Where can wood look tile be installed?

Unlike hardwood, but much like any other tile option, wood look tile can be installed pretty much anywhere in the home. It is especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms for its natural looks. Other places you could install wood look tile is in living rooms or even your bedroom.  Wood look tile is available as floor tile and wall tile.


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