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About Hardwood Flooring

Glines Carpet One Floor & Home in Yuba City can help you find the perfect floor for your next project. Hardwood is an investment in your home and we can help you find the right floor. If you are considering installing hardwood in your home, then come visit us, and our flooring experts will help you find the right hardwood floor.

We can help you find a hardwood floor that suits the needs of your home and also reflects your personal style. Hardwood comes in a variety of options and style, ranging from traditional to rustic to trendy. You can even choose exotic flooring like cork and bamboo.

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood

We offer many types of hardwood flooring for you to choose, including solid and engineered hardwood.

Solid hardwood is the original hardwood option and features a simple construction. Solid hardwood has characteristics that are unmatched by any flooring, and they add value to your space. Solid hardwood is perfect for places such as bedrooms and living rooms because it makes your space feel sophisticated. Solid hardwood can be refinished, and comes in many different options such as species, colors, and styles.

Engineered hardwood is a modern construction made up of layers of real wood veneers and a top layer of premium hardwood. The layered construction makes engineered hardwood more stable than solid wood. Engineered hardwood can also be refinished it just depends on the thickness of the top layer of the plank.

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Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?

Depending on the room or level of your home you want to install hardwood in can determine the type of hardwood your need. Since engineered hardwood is made up of layers, they can be installed on all levels of your home. They can also withstand frequent foot traffic. Solid hardwood needs to be installed in on or above level rooms like bedrooms and living rooms, and you can also install them in places with traffic, just be sure the underlayment can support the planks.

Our Hardwood Selection and Services

We have many different hardwood options on display in our showroom, so we’ll certainly have a style to fit your design needs. We offer Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brands you can trust such as Invincible™ Hardwood and Rustic River™.

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Hardwood Warranties

Since we're part of Carpet One Floor & Home, we can offer some of the most reliable hardwood warranties. Learn more about the warranties that come with our hardwood flooring brands.

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Hardwood Maintenance

Caring for hardwood flooring is easy, and as long as you regularly care for your floors, they will last a long time in your home.

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Hardwood Installations

Learn about the hardwood installation process and how to prepare your floors. 

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