Backsplash Tile

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank? At Glines Carpet One Floor & Home in Yuba City, we can help you do that with the addition of tile backsplash. By offering a range of solutions for your home, we make updating and changing your spaces easy. Guests and family alike will compliment your new additions, and you will realize how easy it is to get beautiful enhancements coupled with low maintenance. 

Create a Custom Backsplash 

Arguably the best thing about tile backsplash is that it is completely customizable. Between the different tile types and styles, there are an endless number of options for your kitchen or bathroom. You can combine different tile types like stone and ceramic or ceramic and porcelain, or even stone, ceramic and porcelain in one space if that’s the design you enjoy. There are no rules with your tile backsplash, and whether you have a small or large backsplash, tile can make a massive difference in the look of the room. Get inspiration from magazines, home designers, and your friends to find what you like. Take note of your favorite tile applications and try to combine them to get the tile backsplash that you want. Keep in mind; you want the backsplash to add to your home design, so try to stick to your overall vision rather than choosing something you like only in someone else’s home. 

Porcelain Tile

Durable Protection 

The construction of tile makes it a great option for backsplashes. It is sturdy enough to handle spills, splatters, and unexpected issues while providing a beautiful aesthetic. When accidents do happen, tile can be cleaned easily, as it does not absorb solids or liquids. Tile also does an excellent job of protecting your walls. Walls in the kitchen and bathroom that are covered in tile backsplash do not get exposed to moisture or spills like they usually would. This can be especially ideal for messy kitchens, as cleaning walls that are covered with drywall are difficult to clean and keep clean. Tile is a much better material for wiping off liquid and quickly getting grime off. 

Easy Maintenance 

Tile brings easy maintenance to many homeowners. They are not likely to crack, especially on a backsplash, so there is no need to worry about that. As far as keeping them looking their best, we recommend dusting when tiles when dirt settles. We also suggest that you clean spills when they happen, so that the mess does not dry on the tile. If there are spills on the tile that are difficult, wipe with a sponge and soap to get them off, which will keep the tile from getting scratched.

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